Nadex Coins S540 Coin ing Sorter and Coin Roll Wrapper NCS8-1109


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The Nadex Coins S540 Coin Counting Sorter and Coin Roll Wrapper makes counting. sorting. and rolling coins easy! Simply pour your coins into the hopper. press start. and the machine will automatically count and sort your coins. Coin tube attachments are provided to automatically fill coin wrappers Business grade Displays how much of each coin being sorted and counted Displays both the total value and the number of each coins during counting Sorta into coin trays or directly into coin wrappers with the included coin tube attachments to automatically fill pre-formed coin wrappers 1 touch batch setting with Auto-stop to prevent overfilling Custom batch settings to sort into trays and into tubes simultaneously for different denominations Coin tray batch setting allows easy multitasking Commercial coin sorter automatically counts and sorts dollar coins. quarters. nickels. dimes. and pennies Includes 48 pre-formed coin wrappers. 5 bins. and 5 tubes


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