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Training of Wrecker Services




We are dedicated to provide training to ensure the safety of Tow Truck Operators.  Our company has been working with tow truck operators directly for 20 years.  We have taken what we’ve seen, done and heard over the years and invented a training program that will have every driver look at their life as the main reason for safety.  All of our instructors have drove tow trucks and knows what it takes to do the job right.  We also have a staff member that builds tow trucks.  Our course will break down the working of a tow truck, give the driver an inside view of the business and an outside opinion of what the public see's them as.  We still believe in real hands on training and will provide hands on training like no other company.



Many new people entering the towing and recovery industry have little or no experience in operating towing and recovery equipment.  Even with experienced operators, formalized training can clarify safety rules and guidelines, operating procedures, maintenance requirements and customer service procedures that will aid in dealing with difficult situations.  Proper training can help avoid criticism from motorists and public agencies in the manner in which tow truck operators may handle themselves and their equipment.  The manner in which an operator performs their job affects the public’s attitude not only towards the individual company but the entire industry.  Tow truck operators are a critical part of highway incident management and must be capable of interacting with first responder public agencies to quickly and safely remove wrecked and disabled vehicles from the roadway to reduce congestion and secondary collisions. Roadside safety is key to our training we are dedicated to showing our drivers how to make it home alive. Most roadside incidents are from veterans that have just got relaxed in the job.


Course Description:

Our courses are an introduction to emergency road service and the towing and recovery industry.  The student will be introduced to the various aspects of the road service, towing and recovery industry. While the course will touch on many topics, such as customer service, basic automotive troubleshooting, safe working practices, vehicle code and regulations related to the towing industry, Texas rule and regulations, traffic incident management, the primary focus is ensuring every driver goes home to their family each and every night.








Business Plan:

Upon completion of the course students will have the knowledge to operate light duty tow trucks, car carriers and road service equipment in a safe and professional manner, be able to maintain the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry standards and practices to be familiar with laws, rules and regulations related to the towing industry, and to deal effectively with the motoring public as well as public agencies.    

We have qualified Instructors that have been submitted and approved by T.O.W.S.  A Aprogram designed by the most qualified towers in the USA. Each Instructor will attend a Train the Trainer course hosted by T.O.W.S. Evaluations will go out at the end of each class to ensure we are giving the highest quality training.  We are also going to have a pre-test and a post test this will show us how much knowledge the student came and left with. This will allows us to see what areas need the most attention through out the progress of the course.


Students will be given if we are unable to have a class due to weather/Instructor No Show or Insufficient enrollment for that class. Students will not be given a refund if they are taken out of the class by the Instructor for being disruptive, falling asleep or they leave the class with out finishing the full course for any reason. If the driver has paid for a course

and is unable to attend that course the driver has to give a 48 hour advance notice in writing to be assigned to another class if no notice is given then no refund will be given.



Attendance Verification


Each Student will provide a photo ID and TDLR License before entering the class and each student will have to sign the roster at the end of the day to ensure that every student was accounted for the full class. The instructor has the right to remove any student from class that is being disruptive and no refund will be given. 



Contact Information:



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Houston Tx 77001

713-392-9579/713-228-2229 fax